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About Us – G.I.N TV – Getting It In Ent.

About Us


G.I.N TV (Getting.It.In) is a Entertainment, Culture and News Media Company. Founded in 2005 by JP Groucho, G.I.N.TV has interviewed a vast wide list of entertainers ranging from Cedric the Entertainer to Future, from Vince Carter to Rick Ross. Why such a range you may ask? The founder JP Groucho says the mission statement of G.I.N.TV has always been understanding and analyzing life through elements of entertainment and culture. Meaning we talk to everybody and give everyone a voice no matter if they are large or small we want to hear your views and see how it connects with others. That’s why we will interview the most underground entertainer to a top A list celebrity… that’s how you Get.It.In.
G.I.N.TV can currently be seen in:
Brooklyn Ch 67/34 Time Warner at 10pm on Saturdays
Audience Viewership 400,000-500,000
Manhattan Ch 56 Time Warner at 10:30pm on Saturdays
Audience Viewership 600,000-750,000
G.I.N.TV was made famous by putting out a bi-monthly dvd magazine. We have dropped many successful titles, including: The Future is Now and HipHop and Politics Issues.
Thank you for your viewership and your subscription.
Follow us at
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